What is Quality?

Different individuals and organizations have given different definitions for Quality. Let’s study some of those definitions:

  • Deming: "Quality is defined from the customer’s point of view as anything that enhances their satisfaction".

  • Juran: "Fitness for use. Those product features which meet the needs of customers and thereby provide product satisfaction. Freedom from deficiencies".

  • ASQC: "The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs".

  • COPC: "Quality is defined as knowledge of agents that would enable them to provide accurate and consistent solution to the customer at the very first attempt".

  • ISO: "Degree to which a set of inherent characteristics, of a product or service, fulfill requirements".

Simply stated, quality comes from meeting customer expectations. This occurs as a result of four activities:

  • Understanding customer requirements.
  • Designing products and services that satisfy those requirements.
  • Developing processes that are capable of producing those products and services.
  • Controlling and managing those processes so they consistently deliver to their capabilities.

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