Six Sigma DMAIC Process - Introduction to Improve Phase

Improve Phase of Six Sigma DMAIC Process consists of following activities:

Step 8: Generate Potential Solution and Assess their Failure Mode.
  • Develop “Feasible solutions’ to improve y.
  • Determine operating limits of X’s.
  • Analyze cost-benefits aspects of the feasible solutions.
Step 9: Validate Pilot Solution(s).
  • Develop a pilot plan to validate selected solution.
  • Conduct pilot run to confirm the performance results of y with set targets [New Z value].
  • Study the influence of solution on the other measures (y’s) and on overall measure (Y).
  • Evaluate financial gains.
  • Finalize the modified process flow.
Step 10: Process Control and Risk Analysis.
  • Develop risk mitigation plan and Process Control Systems.
  • Develop roll out plan and Implement solution.

Six Sigma DMAIC Process - Improve Phase

Develop feasibility solutions to improve performance of Y and implement selected solutions are two key actionables of Improve Phase.

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