Six Sigma DMAIC Process - Define Phase - Process Mapping / Flow Charting

Process mapping is the graphic display of steps, events and operations that constitute a process. It’s a pictorial illustration which identifies the steps, inputs and outputs, and other related details of a process by providing a step-by-step picture of the process “as-is”. It’s a graphics technique for dissecting a process by capturing and integrating the combined knowledge of all persons associated with the process. It’s is a team effort and is documented by everyone who contributes to the process and/or is a part of the process.

Process maps help characterize the functional relationships between various inputs and outputs. Three commonly used process mapping tools to create detailed process maps are:
  • Process Flowchart
  • Deployment Flowchart
  • Alternate Path Flowchart
Process Flowchart:
Process Flowchart is a simple step by step process of activities carried out in the process.

Six Sigma Process Flowchart

Deployment Flowchart:
A deployment flowchart is also referred to as Swimlane flow chart or cross-functional flowchart describing the roles of different departments/stakeholders involved in the process.

Six Sigma Deployment Flowchart

Alternate Path Flowchart:
Alternate Path Flowchart is a step-by-step flowchart which provides alternate paths for most of its steps. This is unlike the swimlane (deployment) or regular flow-charts.

Six Sigma Alternate Path Flowchart

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